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Post Halloween, 2:20 am-three and a half hours after midnight.   
02:20am 01/11/2009
  It's always surprising to me when I find a typo in a novel.

It doesn't happen often, far from it, to be fair the occasions it does happen
can be described as "Super fucking rare", but that's still leaves it up to
some chance for a typo to be found.

Take today for example, as I slowly make my way through the beginning of
Hideki Sena's "Parasite Eve" I find that the 'l' and the second 'a' in transplant
are switched.

Who's to tell how many copies there are out there in the world with this glaring
oversight, but I know that the one I have does, and it seems mostly silly to me.

But seriously I digress, of all the things I find time to talk about after all of
these days ((livejournal says its been near 200 since my last update)) I come in
and mostly make light of the printed form, or at least anyone who gets paid to
proofread English translations of Japanese sci-fi/horror books.

Do you guys want an update? No, most likely not. Days go by with so much as a call
from so many people, just the idea of typing this out for people to actually
read almost makes ME laugh, and I'm the idiot doing it. No this is much like
anybody else's livejournal update.

A warm up.

I feel a need to purge, get a lot out that I find I cant get out in 140 characters
or less, which is funny because I was so appealed to the sheer freedom from the
self-caused need to make these, and any other kind of journal, long winded diatribes
of self indulgence, in an effort to maybe spread all thoughts out into fun-sized
nuggets of mental masturbation.

But, I couldn't do it.

I found I cared less about all the little bubbles of wit and melodrama, the want to
post anything faded from me.

And I noticed how quiet everything was.

And this social networking thing is starting to make me feel even more
alienated from all of these people I know.

I mean, I could understand being ignored in the actuall context of our real lives,
but to see that you can't even be acknowledged in the relative e-closeness
of the internet, when everybody has to be bombarded with everyone else all at once.

Direct contact to everyone and yet...

With all of this noise happening all at once, its an open invitation to closing everyone out, just because you're trying to hear them all at once.

It's mostly counterproductive, at least it seems so to me.

I will devote more time to my own noise, if only for my own gain, but like any form of masturbation I think that I may just end up fucking myself on this one.

Time will tell.
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I probably wont be able to take very much more of this.   
11:18pm 25/09/2007
mood: tired
I am going to have to quit one of my jobs, and soon. And this is a bummer because I am very much used to the pay arrangement I have now. That being: Getting paid every week, but my schedule has taken my old inability to sleep and molded it into a new fangled ability.

Not being able to wake up.

In desperate acts of physical defiance my body has taken to shutting off all alarms in a half awake stupor and plowing through sleep like The Juggernaut, making time it's bitch and REM sleep have no restful effect, that silly bitch.

Of course, this last minute waking business would not be an issue if I still had some personal means of transportation and didn't have to rely on metro or the kindness of others for me to get to my work.

Then again, if I could drive myself about, I would most likely just be gaining smaller increments of time to sleep, waking up LATER then I am now only to still be late, just in a different time frame. ((As in to say, that i would sleep the little bit more time that I would have gained with the ability to drive myself, but would still manage to be late everywhere and have no rest.))

I just typed the same nonsense twice, hoping to clarify but only managing to just repeat myself, gaining no clarity to the situation, The dementia is coming, I really am losing it.


All I wanted was a ride to work. >.>
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Excuse me, Apple?   
07:53pm 05/09/2007
  Why would you bog down the iPod touch, a device so clearly made for videos with the shit capacity of 8/16 gigs? Your new iPods have a masssive capacity of 160 gigs, which makes more sense for holding my collection of movies/anime/tv/porn. And the only choice i have for taking it all is a 2.5in display.

Poorly played round apple. I'll see you in a few years, my 30 gig pod will do fine until then.

or i can invest in some other companies device. That is always an option.
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Good Luck   
04:23pm 05/09/2007
  Guess the song by the first line game.Collapse )  
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12:04am 01/08/2007
  Dear Inky and Munky,

Apparently they are making a comic about you guys.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

((HINT:: Cliq das pictorz!))
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06:30am 23/06/2007
  Why the fuck does Soundwave have the least articulate and understandable voice of all the Transformers? I mean he should be able to speak best. He's fucking SOUNDWAVE, and yet his voice is vocoded to sound like VVV-VVVVVVV-VVVVV-VV-VVVVVV-VVV.

I'm sorry Soundwave? What the fuck did you just say?


The Autobots are in trouble?


The milk has gone bad?


Fuck you Soundwave
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03:09am 23/04/2007
  (You) have to remember (that sometimes you) have to forget
Art for the people, for truth a net
smile reminds when you when you have to frown
bright is the head wearing Cathodes crown
Consuming just for consumption cause
media heals, day glo colored gauze
feeding yourself, not because you're told
There's nothing wrong with being sold.

-- gee, I am... ummm, I... que? --
-- What I was, not today --
-- What I love - on display --
-- M-E-D you and I-A --

Have to remember, have to forget
shallow facade that I won't forget
Me-D-I-A, V-A-L-You-E
Conformity, the new anarchy
Dear Atlus   
03:20am 21/03/2007
mood: frustrated
Thank you for making the "Healing Touch" one of the most frustrating game mechanics in the history of video games.

I drew the fucking star



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08:39pm 19/03/2007
  Spatterhouse was just released to the Wii Virtual Console.

And now, I'm gonna play it.
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Drugs are bad   
01:51am 28/02/2007
  You end up worrying about stupid things like this.Collapse )  
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I forgot that these are viral or whatever.   
12:38am 13/02/2007
  If you comment, I'll:

1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/movie.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Tell a first memory about you.
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit.
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7) Show you my favourite user pic of yours.
8) In return, you MUST spead this disease in your LJ. (However, I won't hold you to this; in fact, I'd ask that you not spread this disease, unless for some odd reason you really WANT to. If you do spread it, I will be forced to "O_." at you.)

If you do comment, may I ask that if you don't intend to do this meme on your LJ, that you include answers to 1) and 4) in your comment? I'd just be interested to hear that stuff. You may include whatever else you want, I'm just really interested in those two things.
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02-11-07 -- a small poem about personal grooming   
07:01pm 11/02/2007
  You should shave your body hair
that way if your standing there
struck by lightning, i wont care
it wont smell so bad.
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2-11-07 - a memory   
12:12am 11/02/2007
  Late night
early morning
somewhere in between.
this sight
so familiar
looping in a scene.
Dream? no,
waking nightmare
reoccurring sight.
Dream? no,
shit its got me
gripped me in its fright.
late late
early early
here we go again
somewhere in be
so familiar
will it ever end?
waking night
early morning
please just make it stop
so famil-
sight so familiar
catch me when i drop
please wait
stop, I'm begging
cycle go away
waking nightmare
waking nightmare
breath, you'll be ok
hold your breath
count 1-2-3
smothering my self
waking night
sight so familiar
disintegrating health
this is it
the end is coming
breath count 1-2-3
waking nightmare
looping in a scene
smothering myself?
why was i?
and wait for me.

Look me in the eyes and ask me
if I am ok.
slowly nod, I think its over.
jesus, what a day.
Perversion is fun   
01:07am 02/02/2007
  DJ Amanda Jones makes me dance like a mad fool.  
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windows to the soul   
02:55pm 15/01/2007
  click this yeah?
Johari Window
and this too, while you're at it.
Nohari Window
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An update for this ridulousness   
11:59pm 21/12/2006
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Eminence the Very Lord D.B the Possible of Much Bottom
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

I have no idea what that means.
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I am a cruel and sadistic bastard ^__^   
01:08am 15/12/2006
  Knowing full well that I myself will most likely not go anywhere near anything that will lead me to be succeptable to such a mind fuck. I thought that it would be funny to lead someone in an altered state into a conversation about sins and hell, and prolong it until they subconciously recall "No Exit" which I am sure every one knows atleast OF.

And then watch in a clear and sober state as they think that they have gone to hell themselves.

And afterwards. most likely to try to keep them from hurting anyone ((or themselves)) I would have to try to convince them otherwise. THAT being the most difficult thing to do.

Though, in retrospect, I think the only people I will ever have the chance to do this to I care about far too much, and it would not be funny do to, at all.

If the oppurtunity does presents itself to mess with some unknown, I will be inclined to follow through. I mean that is TOO funny.

And to think, I can sympathize with someone in no position to think rationally. And here I am wanting to mess with one. I guess the cycle continues. Instead of trying to protect those in danger I find some joy in exploiting it for a laugh.

Maybe the feeling of exploitation will pass. Though I DO want to read that story again.

on a different note, I want a white ds lite, I have sold my other one and plan on replacing it soon. I wanted black before but a short trip to decalgirl changed that.

I also want to get Elite Beat Agents around then. I have decided a mac is a delishus idea, though that will be later. Much later.

Leave me comments.
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I kind of want to buy a mac.   
03:07am 08/12/2006
  And have that replace my pc.

Think it's a bad idea? Let me know, cause right now, ((outside of price)) it seems like a fine idea.
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01:41am 05/12/2006
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I bought porn for mvnky (-10 points). Last Wednesday I gave nerozero a kidney (1000 points). In November I pulled ixxmilkxxi's hair (-5 points). In September I turned ps_magpie in for running naked in the mall (3 points). In May I stole skittish_derby's purse (-30 points).

Overall, I've been nice (958 points). For Christmas I deserve a ponyNintendo WII!!!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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Nothing makes me happier   
05:56pm 02/12/2006
  than watching stupid people be happy.  
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